Cognition and Organizations Research Group (CORG)

At CORG we are developing new approaches to educational technology, social media, and workplaces. We take an interdisciplinary perspective using neuroimaging and artificial intelligence techniques, applied to management contexts. CORG is led by Dr. Colin Conrad and is based out of the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

Mind Wandering

What happens in your mind when you watch long lecture videos or use learning systems? We are investigating the best ways to learn online by observing the brain.

Social Media

It's easy to create social media disinformation using AI. What are the brain factors that make us susceptible to disinformation, and how can people stay attentive?

Remote Work

Remote work is hard, but some organizations are really good at it. We are finding ways to transfer those skills to a broader audience and to more people.

Our Partners

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